Programs & Incentives

Financial incentives are an important instrument for spurring investment in water and energy efficiency projects, because they help lower inhibitive upfront capital costs and accelerate the rate of return on investment. Identifying and administering the appropriate financial incentives for a project requires detailed knowledge of the available programs being offered by utilities and agencies such as NYSERDA, LIPA, Con Edison, Energy Star, DOE and EPA. 

Whether the goal is to minimize energy consumption, reduce operating costs or update building systems, Junto assists property owners and management companies in identifying and administering the most appropriate subsidy and incentive programs available to them. We also help craft a job scope which best fits our clients’ needs and satisfies program requirements. 

Working closely with an array of incentive providers allows us to stay informed and current in this ever-changing market, and to ensure that our clients can access the programs they offer successfully. Junto takes care of all the data gathering, paperwork and submission processes to confirm program compliance.